Často kladené otázky


Pre posielanie balikov do EU od 1 Januara 2021 musite vyplnit colne prehlasenie .
Typ vyhlasenia zalezi na hodnote zasielky.

Ak posielate viac balikov musite vyplnit vyhlasenie pre kazdy balik. Colne vyhlasenie treba vyhotovit v 2 kopiach. Jednu prilepite na balik a druhu date vodicovy.


What system does it work?

-Working  from door to door system,  that’s… we pick up the package right at your place and deliver it to your chosen address. is from pick up to delivery.

Is there a minimum amount?

Well, but you pay a single price for packages up to 20 kg.

  • £ 30 from Glasgow, Stirling, Edinburgh
  • £ 36 dating in Perth, Dundee
  • £ 40 Aberdeen / Oban and Highlands

How to pay?

Payment is made upon collection, in cash or upon agreement by bank transfer.When sending parcels to Slovakia / Czech Republic, it is paid in Scotland.
Prices are quoted in Pounds, but the price of the package can be… euro / Czech crown / Moravian Slivovitz 

What can be included in the package?

-Send whatever you want.
-neposielajte things that may go wrong, for example, pastries and cakes narodennové, especially in the summer obdobý.Dodávka  is not  air-conditioned in-case delay on a route for various reasons, we do not guarantee that the food is not tarnished.

Please do not send cigarettes, and alcohol  (especially here), I stopped by the Customs on the way through Germany last time, they took me to the hall and all the packages pass through X-ray…. that if they weren’t mine. In the future, if any cigarettes are found, all fines will be personalized by the sender / receiver.

Under the customs rules applicable throughout the Union, although free movement of goods and persons applies in the Union, you may carry 4 cartons, 60 liters of wine and 120 liters of beer for your own consumption, but no other items may be sent in the package otherwise I will be confiscated and destroyed while the affected entity (ie, us) will be charged the excise duty + fine

– As far as alcohol is concerned, I can take a maximum of 10 liters if you want to send 2 bottles so I can take them to my cabin. You can pack them but don’t mark them….

How should things be packaged?

-It can be packed in a box. We do not have a crane to translate it… You do not pay for the number of boxes but for the total weight.

Do not use chips boxes even if they fit very well, but they are not strong enough to hold 20kg and they break up when loading

-On package also addresses indicate also 2 telephone numbers (if you specify only one there, it is usually out of range or turned off one nedvýha) .If you live in an apartment building as the  apartment number

When sending  large quantities  can happen that your package will end up on the wrong address, so each package must  properly marked with the name and address  .For  suitcases / travel bag  , where stickers will not stay on the surface, but use the original label Which It is usually part of the trunk and can produce a label with paper and a travel bag.

TVs – transported in the original box, if the box is missing, we can take them, but  without guarantee  that they will not be damaged.In this case, it is appropriate if the TV with the front side glued plywood and wrapped in a blanket or bubble wrap

Bicycles -Best in the box.Ik missing, then loosen the bolts on the wheel and turn it by 90 degrees when we have a lot of it is better  not forget to stick the address label on the frame-best

The furniture – especially the one from Ikea, although it is nice but does not last the way, and therefore we do not give you any guarantee that it will not be damaged …

Animals – dogs, cats, ferrets  are transported in cages (but mostly hoarse in the passenger seat), must have all the papers, the pass from the records of all vaccinations – quarantine and course electronic chip…. reptiles) transported without restrictions … The animals are fed, watered according to the client’s recommendations.

Rods-  It is best to put it in a paper tube eg from the carpet (you get it for free in the shop skobercamy) in case you do not pack and break off daddy so we are not responsible

Motorbikes – wrap them in a blanket and wrap them with a stretch foil because at 2000 km on the road and pack of plastic motorbikes will rub off the paint like a brush

Oversized  loads (dried or artificial flowers, mattresses, sofas, furniture, refrigerators, ligaments) that are easy to transport and bulky to volume, with a cost per cubic meter of £ 150

How long does it take to deliver a package?

Delivery time depends on the number of shipments and distance. Delivery to the Czech Republic takes 2-3 days, Moravia 3-4, Western and Central Slovakia 4-5, Eastern Slovakia- 5 days or more.

Do you also take shipments from Slovakia here?

Yes, with the same system as from there.

Would we deliver the package to Germany?

We also deliver to other European countries, but since we do not use other companies to deliver parcels, addresses have to be on the route or in its proximity. Therefore we only deliver to countries like:  France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Poland…

Do you also take people?

Well,  … .When the driver is tired, he uses the cabin as a bedroom, stops at the nearest parking lot and sleeps for an hour and goes further. The trip takes 3, 4 and 5 days …
In the case of  moving  , either in one direction or the other and the customer is very concerned about being present on the way to the destination, so the hotel is ordered on the route Which is fully Paid by the customer.

Would you also take my bike / 4-wheel?


150 … £ moped, motorcycle ……… £ 300, 4-wheel … £ .500

If I bought something via ebay, would you want to go to Slovakia / Czech Republic?
Yes, we do it normally.

When you communicate with the seller tell him that after a cousin or a friend comes in… don’t say that a courier driver will come after that, because it’s the word that a fraudster uses to lure money from the seller

Would we take the oversized load?

Yes,  we can take items with a length of 3.5m and a height of 2m, but you have to consider it pays. movable , can be agreed upon price. delivery has a capacity of 13 m3.-which is a 2-bedroom apartment, including furniture and black / white goods

What if the package is lost / damaged.

We’re just people, and sometimes the package ends up in the wrong address. No he is looking up until until it finds and delivers the earliest possible date (ie goes back and delivered the same day or on the way back)
-in damage during transport if fault on our side, we agreed on a partial / full return shipping . Provided that fragile items are adequately packaged, the box / suitcase is marked and the driver is reminded of the fragile contents of the shipment.